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PINK Founder / Lead Investigator

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Bio: Michael Palmer is the leader of our group and the driving force behind our organization. His frightening personal experiences as a child led him to form PINK as a way to help others understand and come to grips with the activity they themselves experience.

As lead investigator, Mike is dynamic and thoughtful, always considering new approaches and adapting to the unique circumstances of each location we investigate. He takes great care in maintaining PINK's reputation for quality and trustworthiness and always makes sure we try our utmost to bring closure to each and every one of our clients.

Investigator / EVP Specialist

Bio: An educator by trade, Ruth has had a passion for the paranormal that dates back to her childhood. She does a great job as the "voice of reason" during our investigations and always critically assesses potential activity from every angle before considering paranormal causes. Her calm and inquisitive nature prove to be a grounding force for our team.

When it comes to reviewing evidence, Ruth's specialty is the analysis of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). She has a keen ear for identifying (and debunking) our audio clips and is particularly drawn to this aspect of our review process.




Bio: Dennis is a veteran PINK member who is known for his no-nonsense investigation style and his critical eye for assessing potential activity. However, he is perhaps best known for his reputation for providing comic relief during PINK investigations. His excellent sense of humor keeps everyone grounded and level-headed during tense sessions.

Moreover, Dennis's extensive knowledge of heating / ventilation systems and home insulation often proves to be an invaluable asset to the team, particularly during our efforts to debunk reported activity.



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Bio: From as early as she can remember, Barb has had a healthy interest in the paranormal. Her own personal experiences have driven her fascination with all things paranormal from the time she was very young. Gradually, this fascination became a spiritual journey into what happens after our physical bodies die and what spiritual path she was to take in her own life. She became addicted to the study of different religions, practices and beliefs from around the world and much of her spare time was dedicated to this end. She chose to study physical and cultural anthropology in college to further this goal.

Barb views study of the paranormal as a science and enters each investigation with a healthy dose of skepticism. This is not to say she doesn’t have a little fun on investigations. After all what good is living if you don’t enjoy it! She personally believes we continue to exist after our physical death, but exactly what that entails she does not pretend to know….at least not yet.

Investigator / Treasurer

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Bio: Misty grew up in Newport, Kentucky in a house that was very haunted.  During her experiences, she encountered a little girl, a young boy, and what she called the Dark Man.  Sometimes she would hear a ball bouncing and a little girl's laugh.  The young boy would usually just stand and watch her (yes, still kind of weird) but she would wake up to his figure sitting on her bed, and when he would leave she could feel the bed move and the indent disappear.  Then there was the Dark Man, who would terrorize her pretty much on a daily basis. 

No one believed her when she told them the stories, and for the longest time she thought she was going crazy until one of her friends experienced something with her. But even then she still had to learn to deal and live with this haunting, as Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigating were not popular back then.

A few years ago someone bought her the Cincinnati Ghosts book by Karen Laven.  PINK was the featured ghost hunting team in the book. So, in March of 2010 she interviewed and was selected to be a new member of PINK. 

The reason she became an Investigator is to help people, to tell them they are not going crazy, and to possible eliminate or help the client deal with the issues they are having.  


Investigator / Psychic Consultant

Bio: Jill is a nationally known psychic with over 20 years experience. Perhaps you heard her on Q102's morning show with Brian Douglas or on MOJO's morning show with  Keith and Laura.  She was a beloved radio personality in Cincinnati for over 10 years. Jill is clairvoyant/clairaudient and she specializes in ghosts and hauntings.  She  also does psychometry with pictures and was rigorously tested by Mike Palmer, founder of P.I.N.K, with about 90% accuracy as to her abilities to tap into the spirit world and the paranormal and "read" photographs.  She has worked with law enforcement on several cases as well.

Jill owns Angelspeak Psychic Readings and is an honorary member of She is a life long resident of Campbell County and the "oldest" member of P.I.N.K. (in numerical age only!).  She is brutally honest - don't ask her if you don't want to know.  Because she is raising her young granddaughter, she does not personally go out on many investigations, but the other investigators send her photographs from their location and Jill can remote view where they are and get a "read" on what may or may not be going on.

"I do not use a scientific approach. I do my investigations with an open mind and an open heart and allow myself to tap into the Spirit World as a Spiritualist and Medium who can communicate with ghosts and spirits."    -Jill

Check out a fascinating television interview with Jill on Youtube here!


John & Lisa


Bio: John and Lisa are from North Bend, Ohio and have been married for over 30 years. Their interest in the paranormal began when they moved into a house with paranormal activity over 20 years ago.

John’s employment background is in electrical and mechanical aviation repair. Lisa works for a major university. While Lisa enjoys investigating, John does a great job at determining if any environmental influences could be posing as paranormal activity.



Bio: Prior to 2001 Beth was extremely skeptical of anything paranormal. Then she lost someone close to her and began to witness "signs" firsthand. Now she wants to help people increase their understanding of the unknown and find peace in their lives.

Beth has a Doctor of Divinity degree as well as a degree in Industrial Science and Technology.She served 8 years as a Chaplain and 17 years as a customer service representative in outside sales.
She hopes to continue her studies by finding insights into the Biblical aspects of eternal life and how they can be applied in today's world.


Bio: Tina was born and raised in Cincinnati and currently lives in Independence, Kentucky with her wonderful yet skeptical husband. A native to the area, she is passionate about local history and always researching and reading to learn more. She has had an interest in the paranormal since a very young age. Her personal experiences over the years, as well as those of friends and family made her a believer early on. While she is a believer, her continued goal is to be able to substantiate or disprove claims using fact and concrete evidence.

Why is Tina passionate about PINK? When activity affects people’s daily lives, they want and need answers. It is important to look at all sides of proposed paranormal activity in order to help them find the answers they need and deserve.

Investigator / Case Manager

Bio: Brenda lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and two of their five children. For the last twenty-something years, she's been fulfilling her second-grade goal of working at the library. During her spare time, Brenda enjoys reading, crafting, Words With Friends and now ghost hunting.

For years Brenda has been fascinated with the idea of life after death and spirits. She believes in being open to all the possibilities around us, not just those we can see or touch.


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