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Q: Will you investigate my property?

A: We do our best to take on each and every case we are entrusted with, but in reality, many factors go into deciding which ones we take. As an all-volunteer team, our time and resources can be limited, so we cannot always guarantee an investigation. However, we do our best to help each and every individual who contacts us with a suspected haunting, and even if we cannot investigate your property for whatever reason, we will still try to provide you with the guidance you seek.

Q: How much will an investigation cost me?

A: Absolutely nothing - clients will never incur a cost of any kind for any of the services we provide. All of our activities are funded entirely out-of-pocket by its members. We do accept donations via PayPal which go directly to the cost of new equipment, but such contributions are never expected.

Q: Is PINK religiously affiliated?

A: Although our members come from a diverse range of religious backgrounds, as a whole we are non-denominational and always take the utmost care in respecting the spiritual convictions of our clients.

Q: Is there a certain day/time you favor when scheduling investigations?

A: As a rule, most of our investigations occur on Saturdays in a window between 8:00pm and 3:00am, although we are happy to make exceptions when scheduling allows.

Q: Do I have to leave while you investigate my property?

A: We completely understand security concerns and would never force a client to leave the premises during an investigation. That being said, it is much easier to establish a controlled environment when only trained investigators are present; as a result we nearly always produce better evidence with an unoccupied location. We have worked tirelessly since our founding in 2005 to build a trustworthy reputation, and have found that a majority of our clients prefer to vacate while we investigate.

If you do decide to remain in the property during an investigation, we ask that you make an effort to limit sound and movement between rooms so as to avoid evidence contamination as much as possible.

Q: How does PINK choose its members? Can I join the group or come along on an investigation?

A: As a rule, we do not hire new people too often, as we rely on a small group of dedicated, long-standing members. Generally, when we are in need of new talent, we hold a membership drive at a local library and invite any prospective new members to attend. When these events are scheduled, they will be posted on our website and announced well in advance on our website front page and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Since we almost exclusively investigate private residences and businesses, we do not allow the public to attend our investigations. That being said, we often hold public events, and it is not out of the question that at some point we host a public investigation of some kind. Watch our website and social media outlets to stay updated!

Q: Do you share details of your investigations with the public?

A: Client privacy and confidentiality is our highest priority. We would never compromise the personal information of our clients, and as such we never reveal any identifying information such as name, street address, contact information without implicit permission.

In the interest of contributing to research in the paranormal field, we do like to share our case file write-ups and our most compelling pieces of evidence with the public, although we always do so in such a way as to protect client identity.

Q: My property appears to be haunted by a malevolent spirit. How do I get rid of it?

A: We generally advocate the self-reliance approach, in which you are encouraged to verbally declare dominion over your property and “take it back” from any entities that may cause havoc there. If that proves ineffective, we will perform a cleansing free of charge, and can put you in touch with clergy who may be able to provide additional guidance.

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