Thoughts on Spiritual Sensitivity

by Psychic Jill

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Many who witness paranormal activity seem to have experiences more frequently and more intensely than others. Often times, these individuals develop a natural interest in the paranormal, and take up paranormal investigating. In some cases, however, these people can feel singled out, or picked on by spirits, while those around them notice nothing out of the ordinary. Why does this occur? Are some people more sensitive to spirit activity than others?

I will see if I can explain it. 

Think of people as light beings.  Some people emit an aura like a matchstick, others like a candle, others like a flashlight and some almost like a lighthouse in the mist of the thin dark veil that divides the spirit world from our living world.  Some people produce higher vibrational levels and can connect more easily with Spirit.

Think of it this way.  Picture a hummingbird and how fast its wings beat when in motion.  They produce a high vibrational level of energy.  Now, picture a bird soaring in the sky riding a wind current.  They will occasionally flap their wings, but they are producing very little effort or energy.

Each and every living thing has an aura, the electromagnetic energy field that radiates from our bodies.  Some people can produce a very large aura that can jut out over 4 feet from the body.  Other people produce an aura, but it may be very weak.  It doe not mean there is anything wrong with the person, it just means their Chi or life's energy is either extremely high or low and the have their own vibrational level.  Well, in some cases, it can reflect some health issues, but I am talking about in general and connecting to Spirit.

Ghosts and Spirits are on a higher plane of existence than humans because they have no earthly body to inhabit their soul.  They are free to move about and can be in the U.S. one moment and China the next.  They operate on a high vibrational level.  When someone is about that has the same vibrational level or can tap into their plane of existence they are drawn to their light source and will congregate around that person or persons with the highest vibrational level.

The group may be sitting in the dark with lights off and cannot see each other, but figuratively speaking, Spirits or Ghosts can "see" them.  One person may not be emitting any light, and there may be that one person that shines like a beacon in the night.  That is the person they will be drawn to.  They will tend to try and get that person's attention if they need help or what to communicate.  As in my case, they "know" I can see and hear them and they will come to me with information or show me things or try to get my attention to either help them cross over if they are Earthbound or to try and give me a message if need be.

It also depends on if you are intuitive and tapped into the spirit world and/or at least fully open to it and the realm of possibilities.  If you believe, you are 10 times more likely to have a paranormal experience, but hard-core nonbelievers and skeptics have them too.

When you go into an investigation you have been called there for a reason.  Most of the time there truly is some type of paranormal activity going on and other times there is a normal logical explanation for it  It may be that EMF readings are high, and let's face it, sometimes the person is just a nut.  We have all experienced these encounters when on an investigation.

Some people are like magnets for the Spirit world.  Others want so desperately to tap into it but just don't have the ability to do so.  You either have it or you don't.  I do not believe that people can learn to do so just because they want to.  There are a lot of wannabes in our field. It's like a God given talent.  Some people can draw, others can sing, some have perfect pitch.  It's a natural talent.

Take 20 young boys about 10 yrs old and give them each a baseball.  Then ask them to pitch the ball over the plate.  Grant it, probably all 20 could at least throw it that far, but may not do a very good job.  Then you have one kid that winds up and just smokes that ball right over the plate with no effort.  He's a natural.  Tapping into the Spirit world is the same.  Some people can, others try but can't.

One may go on an investigation and find nothing.  Does that mean it's not haunted or there is nothing there?  No.  It means that in the few hours one was there Spirit chose not to interact with them or was not present at the time.  If it is a visitation haunting and not an earthbound soul they are not always there and pop in occasionally.  If it is an imprint haunting you may not get anything either.  If it is an intelligent haunting then you are more likely to interact with them and they with you.

I believe that every member of our team has some intuitive ability whether they choose to embrace it or not.  This is a field that people are drawn to - they do not stumble upon it by chance.  We all have our own stories and reasons why we chose to become a member of P.I.N.K.

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