Date: 7/21/2009

Location: Fairfield, OH

Size and Style: Three story home built in the early 1970's

Time of Investigation: 9pm-2am

Outdoor Temperature: 85 degrees

Humidity: 43%

Moon Phase: 2% Full, Waning Crescent

Solar X-Rays: Normal

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Client Stories and Claims

Client was a single woman who has experienced full apparitions, voices, noises and has had trouble with bad dreams and sleeping, apparently as a result. She told us her cats were constantly in an uproar over unseen things and were acting very strangely at times. One particular story she recalls is of a loud male voice, which yelled "get out!" as she entered the house one day.

There is a fairly large, historic cemetary near her property that has open gates, she believes the activity might possibly come from there. Since there are no other people living in the home, and she does not seem to suffer from any psychological problems or trauma, we have to conclude there is something tied to the home or land. She also has roughly 7 cats buried in the backyard, and is very fond of animals in general.

Summary and Results

Despite the lack of many personal experiences we did catch numerous persistent IR anamolies flying through our cameras, all night long both in the basement and bedroom.

One of our cameras picked up an unexplained knock in a bedroom closet, as well as a very faint and quick voice of what seems to be a little girl or boy, but the lack of clarity led us to dismiss these clips as inconclusive.

We did not experience any cold spots or EMF spikes inside the home at all, the house itself was kept much cooler than it was outside, and the basement was even cooler (68 degrees, 71-75 upstairs). The laundry room downstairs was very small and is also where all of the electric boxes and circuit breakers were - higher EMF field eminated from this room, and it is also a room the client believes may be a hot spot of activity, as "things are seen coming and going" from it.

At the conclusion of our investigation, our client requested a blessing to help clear out anything that might be there. Ultimately, however, we were unable to detect significant signs of negative or harmful activity.