Date: 1/17/2009

Location: Florence, KY

Size and Style: Private residential home built circa 1920, one floor, 7 rooms

Time of Investigation: 9pm-3am

Base EMF Reading: Low/normal

Outdoor Temperature: 25 degrees

Humidity: 42%

Weather Conditions: Overcast, consistent winds and freezing rain

Wind: 13-15 mph

Moon Phase: 52% Full, Waning Crescent

Solar X-Rays: Normal

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Investigation Photos

Client Stories and Claims

Client (female) has been experiencing paranormal activity, that has increased, or started, after visiting a building/area with a believed haunting about two years ago.

Daughter and child moved out 1.5 years ago, her daughter had experienced things in the home as well when she lived there. She claims that her daughter has seen these kind of things all of her life. Daughter lived in home for two months in 2008 when she had her baby. Daughter made client aware of the fact she was "seeing things" and experiencing activity about "5 or 6 years ago." Apparently this was not limited to the client's home, for the daughter. Client's husband "does not believe in ghosts" and refuses to accept any of the activity as possibly paranormal, but is tolerant and understanding. He basically doesn't want anything to do with it.

There is a room with a computer that she spends time in, late at night, where she would often hear foot steps, objects would slide or move on the desk near her, and she also would see a "shadow person" moving around from time to time. At one point the client and her daughter claimed to see "swirling black masses" hovering around their car when arriving home, and would then go to a local restaurant and come back when the activity would die down. She claimed to have done this several times (would go to a local restaurant to have coffee and come back when they were ready). She claims to have occassionally seen a human figure (white) crossing past a bedroom window outside the home, and another time seeing a woman in period dress (1770-1890) in the back yard walking into the distance.

Activity in the computer room usually starts around 1-1:30am, on a weekly or even daily basis, increasing as of late, both in frequency and severity. She has been pushed while in her computer/office chair, and has watched the TV and computer printer be turned off and on for no reason.

Summary and Results

We could neither recreate, debunk, nor did we capture anything that resembled the client's stories of black masses or shadows, witnessed no objects being physically moved, and did not see any apparitions in the front or back yard (of course that is not unusual nor does it dismiss the clients claims - we just didn't catch anything of that type, that night).

Evidence files, even the questionable ones we didn't have a consensus on, suggest there is paranormal activity at this home and/or general location. This could be a result of any number of reasons from previous occupants, neighboring property's paranormal activity (there were "mentioned" stories of the neighboring home having problems with occupancy and residents changing personality - all I can say is that it was vacant when we were there) or attachment to either the client or something the daughter is causing or experiencing unknowingly (doubtful - it seems to be tied to the property). The clients do not seem fearful of the activity and simply wanted it verified. It's possible they may want it cleared at some point, given the inconvenience it is causing the female residents.