Date: 6/27/2009

Location: Crittendon, KY

Size and Style: Farm house built in mid-1800's, modernized kitchen, in-ground pool and servant quarters still present in back yard. Blacksmith shed still present next to driveway/road leading to the home. Home is next to large, major highway.

Time of Investigation: 9pm-2:30am

Base EMF Reading: Low/normal

Outdoor Temperature: 80 degrees

Humidity: 33%

Dew Point: 57 degrees F

Weather Conditions: Clear, calm

Wind: < 5 mph

Moon Phase: 33% Full, Waxing Crescent

Solar X-Rays: Normal

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Client Stories and Claims

Background and stories were minimal as the home is currently vacant and being sold. A relative or friend of the family, had access to it, and permission to let us investigate. A couple of men had previously done some EVP recording in the home, with some success. It has apparently been thought to be haunted for some time, according to stories by the previous residents. More information will be added if provided.

Summary and Results

We didn't have any noticeable experiences, and the home was quiet the entire night. However, we were able to capture several EVP's that were fairly solid, and it appears there's some sort of presence in the home.


EVP: "38"

EVP: "Can't do anything"

EVP: "Not yet"

EVP: "Kill"

EVP: "What about me?"

EVP: "Pink"