Date: 7/17/2010

Location: Elsmere, KY

Size and Style: 2 floor private residence. Scope of investigation included (2nd floor) living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and (1st floor) den.

Time of Investigation: 8pm-2:15am

Environmental Notes: Temperature averaged 74 degrees F with expected fluctuations by AC vents and windows, while EMF was unusually low, spiking rarely and only near known emitters such as electronic devices. Investigators recorded one anomalous EMF spike in the master bedroom during the initial sweep, but no further spikes were detected, including during the subsequent active investigation sessions.

Client Stories and Claims

In 2007 the homeowners contacted PINK to arrange for an investigation. The family, which included 2 adults and 2 young boys with a 3rd boy on some weekends, had reported a wide range of activity, including sensory anomalies and a generally feeling of dread, particularly by the boys, who would not sleep in their bedroom. PINK investigated and was able to uncover significant evidence of paranormal activity, including multiple EVP's.

After PINK's initial visit, activity had seemed to subside for a long period of time, but it had noticeably picked back up within recent months despite no major trigger events occurring in the house. The homeowner did mention that a troubled neighbor who had possibly harbored a grudge against him had passed away right around the same time as the activity escalated. The family reported that they had noticed unexplainable scratches appearing on their bodies and that the three young boys who resided there were once again too afraid to sleep in their bedroom at night.

Although the homeowners were personally not overly frightened by the activity, their main concern was for their children's well-being, so they requested a cleansing be performed at the closure of the investigation.

Summary and Results

Recorded several EVPs that were fairly solid/Class A-B types.

Investigators had several personal experiences including sightings of anamolies, shadows, light fluctuations and odd sensations. Rodney experienced a burning sensation and a resulting red scratch or mark that was captured, and later faded.

Early on some automatic writing was done, revealing a possible name of "Elenor."