Date: 7/25/09

Location: Covington, KY

Size and Style: Small Mansion and large adjacent 3 floor historic Victorian home + basement.

Time of Investigation: 9pm-3am

Base EMF Reading: Low/normal

Outdoor Temperature: 79 degrees F

Humidity: 61%

Dew Point: 64 degrees F

Weather Conditions: Cloudy; intermittent light showers

Wind: 7 mph

Max Gusts: 13 mph

Moon Phase: 19% full, waxing crescent

Solar X-Rays: Normal

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Investigation Photos

Client Stories and Claims

You can read about the Baker-Hunt homes here.

People who frequent the homes have talked about experiences in both homes, ranging from voices, noises, and footsteps, over many years. Victor, the professional psychic who hosted us that night, picked up on various spirits ranging from Dr. Hunt's predominate presence, to a small boy riding a tricycle around the Scudder house. He also saw a lot of residual activity, servant/staff, and unknown children and a "chatty" female visitor, via a "mind's eye" vision of past scenes from the homes.

Summary and Results

We didn't have any noticeable experiences, and were completely unable to record any sort of audio or EVP's. To be honest, we didn't even get any questionable audio clips, this may have been in large part to the noise and traffic outside that night. But combined with the lack of experiences or video evidence, we can't say that the homes are certifiably haunted, or not haunted (or "active"). We did manage to catch a few video clips of various IR video anamolies, that certainly suggest a presence(s), but there's nothing to combine it with that was recorded, to make a more compelling case. The first floor of the Baker-Hunt "Mansion" building (pictured below) did have a very "heavy" energized feel to it. That area serves as a small museum with various items from the original owners belongings (dresses, plates, artwork etc...,) and may be adding to this feeling. There was no strange EMF spikes here to report though, but it is where most of the video anamolies were recorded.

The buildings would require further investigation, preferably during the week or the winter, as on weekends in the summer, the main street outside the building is very busy and loud, in addition to construction activities. This really did hurt our ability to do a better job of recording. That said, they are beautiful, large, ornate Victorian homes that seem to have potential, and Victor was very gracious and entertaining to work with. Another possibility for future reference, is that most aristocratic or wealthy people at that time, were simply people steeped in manners and civility. They weren't the types to behave in an aggressive, taunting or even playful manner.