Date: 10/16/2010

Location: Covington, KY

Size and Style: Large atrium and 2-floor lobby, office space and hallways, connected to a Victorian era theater.

Weather Conditions: Clear and cool; temps in the 50's.

Investigation Photos

Client Stories and Claims

While 2 of the 3 staff present had not had any experiences, they had heard the stories from over the years. One staff member, a male, had experienced someone "tugging on his pants leg" as he stood by himself on a ladder leading up to the attic. A couple of patrons had reported that they saw a young girl standing in the atrium above the lobby, looking over the rails at them below. A worker who often worked late into the night preparing the theater for productions, experienced a number of things, most notably objects he had laid-out being over-turned and moved the next morning, lights being turned on/off, and other non-invasive or confrontational types of behaviors.

People who frequent the homes have talked about experiences in both homes, ranging from voices, noises, and footsteps, over many years. Victor, the professional psychic who hosted us that night, picked up on various spirits ranging from Dr. Hunt's predominate presence, to a small boy riding a tricycle around the Scudder house. He also saw a lot of residual activity, servant/staff, and unknown children and a "chatty" female visitor, via a "mind's eye" vision of past scenes from the homes.

Summary and Results

We ended-up with several EVP's, despite almost a complete lack of personal experiences or video evidence, outside of a ball of light in the IR spectrum (see below). One of them even appears to hearing and responding to Rodney, another time Rodney and Misty hear a young female voice in the atrium lobby area early on, and catch it on their audio recorder.

The local Fox 19 News TV affilliate did an interview and segment on the investigation, and the Carnegie Staff and Kenton County library had a staff day presentation that we took part in, based on the investigation as well.